By Raheem Hameed.

A school is an organization oriented for learning. It includes the teachers whose job is teaching, the pupils/students whose job is to learn and the teaching-learning materials dedicated for teaching and learning. Teachers and pupils are important elements of what make school a school. Without teachers, there is nobody to teach the pupils/students, and without the pupils/students, the presence of teacher is useless. No matter how beautiful a school is, no matter the quality of the teaching-learning materials and no matter how compliant the school management are complying with the government policy, if the teacher’s attitude is bad to the pupils, or to the parents, the school will suffer growth. Also, if the management attitude is not good to either the teachers or the pupils, the school is smiling to collapse. As a result, this paper tends to explain the need of parent-teacher’s relationship towards the development of a school.
Importance of Parents to the Development of a School
Without parents there is no school. They contributed and are still contributing great factors to the development of a school. For the fact that they allow their children to attend your school is a great privilege that you must appreciate. Remember, you are penniless to pay your staff if this parents fail to pay their children school fee. Also, if a parent decides to withdraw his child(ren) from your school, many children may go with such a sing child. As a result, a school manager who wishes his school to progress needs to make sure that the parent-teacher’s relationship of his school is in good order.
Reasons Why Parent’s Attitude Looks Unfriendly

  • Poor teaching
  • Poor performance of the pupil(s)
  • Failure to give or mark home work
  • Use of vulgar language on the pupils
  • Beating of the pupils
  • Sending defaulters out of school
  • Poor humanitarian visit
  • Hatred of the pupils
  • Less care giving

Teachers Responsibilities in Avoiding the Unfriendly Attitudes of Parents
A good teacher teaches, a sensible teacher makes his pupils excel but a responsible teacher makes the parents of his pupils happy always. In your teaching skills, you must make sure that you are not only evaluating the pupils, the parents of the pupils are also evaluating them at home. This evaluation does not come inform of assignment alone, it involves assessing moral and display attitude. Imagine, a child telling his mother ‘Mum! Are you stupid? Give me the money on time or I flog you!’ Where do you think such a child learn such language? No doubt, from his teacher.
For you to be a responsible teacher, you have the following task to accomplish:

  1. Prepare and perfect your lesson plan; this will make you organize in the classroom
  2. Know the name of your pupils and the nickname they love bearing most.
  3. Call them by the name they like, they will like you automatically.
  4. Smile to them often. If you don’t know how to smile, go and learn or borrow it.
  5. Try to distinguish between ‘laughing at’ and ‘smiling at’. Don’t mock them.
  6. Let them see sincerity in your smiling. Chop knuckle with them, shake them, and hug them.
  7. After the assembly, ask of their well-being; ask of their health situation, their dad, mum, brothers and sisters, their pets, how interesting was the film or story book they read. Remind them to tell you when their mums give birth to new baby.
  8. Give them coffee break; a 30 seconds laughing stock. Don’t be stupid but mimic them. This will make them lively for the lesson ahead.
  9. Teach them with a sizeable lesson; this will allow the average pupils to follow the lesson contents. In a 30 minutes class, introduce a coffee break after the first 15 minutes, this will allow the first knowledge you impart to them digest; you can then continue teaching the remaining lesson.
  10. Avoid yelling at them. If you do that out of anger, try to bring cool and friendly words after it. Touch the pupil you yell at with a paradise touch, let him feel comfortable.
  11. Thou shall not beat mercilessly. The best is to direct any juvenile delinquent to the office of the head teacher, disciplinary committee or the proprietor for proper action. You are not a masquerade, so don’t scare your pupils with cane. If you must beat let the cane be between one and five and make it a lithe cane. If you beat and there is a mark on the pupil, know that you have committed an offence. Call his parents ahead or follow him home to sick for apology and explain why and how it happens.
  12. Don’t score him/her zero. Rather comment why this?
  13. Don’t write negative comment on his card. Always be positive. Parents like those who are positive about their children.

Components of dealing with an Unfriendly Parent
You have to know that something has gone wrong if a parent comes and flare up with you. You don’t need to flare back at such parent. All you need to do is to apply the following components in arresting the situation;
Approach: This is the method of arresting the anger. Give the parent chair to sit
Attitudes: Remain silent, if need requires, smile. Let the parent realizes that s/he is making point. Don’t show an attitude if defending yourself. This will reduce the time of debating
Atmosphere: don’t debate with parent in front of the pupils. Try to take
him/her to office or other place suitable for the discussion

  1. Tell the parent the true picture of what happens after he might have exhausted his/her anger.
  2. Let him know that you cannot do what will hurt him/her.
  3. Try to explain your intention on the success of his/her child/ward.
  4. Plan together on how to make his/her child/ward attain excellent.

In Conclusion
Remember that parents are your customers; they are always right. Treat them in a way that they will convince their neighours to bring their own children also. Remember, losing a parent can result to losing more than six pupils. Just be wise in dealing with them and avoid having crises with either the parent or the pupil.

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