QUIET ICT CONCEPTS is an educational outfit stationed at SPED college of Education in Oyo. The outlet is born to help learners (students, lecturers, consultants, etc) in all ramifications. This concept sees to any academic tasks and challenges, be it, Research works, Online registrations, Book publishing, Seeking admissions and what have you.

QUIET, as the name of the outfit implies, is a litotes and direct opposite of the proprietor and the centre per se. I wonder why Ustadh Hameed Raheem chose the name because he himself is not a quiet person. Being an eloquent mass communicator, he talks in millions in a day. Had God charged us for our words in a day, Oga would have run into bankruptcy. Lol.

He happily discusses and exchanges banters with his customers and clients. I can assure you that, you can’t go to him in a day without showing the world your Thirty _Two; you must laugh and laugh. He’s such a lively and jovial personality. Albeit, he gets very serious when it comes to carrying out of his customers’ assignments. I’m afraid of being monotonous, I’ll have shared how he had painstakingly borne the burdens of students to ensure their successes in schools and exams. Just give him a trial, and you’ll be convinced.

So also, as I’ve stated earlier, Quiet as a Nomenclature of the concept betrays the centre itself. I’ve lost the count of the times I’ve been to the place, whenever I get there the place must be bombarded by customers. And, it’ll interest you that each and every one is duly attended to.

The manager of the centre does not work alone and he cannot work alone, for he’s a people’s person. He’s popular among both the male and female students in the school and outside the college.

By God, he registered and monitored my exams and admissions paripassu. All I just did was to pay him a token and go home to sleep and snore. He called me, out of an esteem despite the fact that he’s aged enough to give birth to me (perhaps, if he has started “scoring goals ” since his secondary school day. Lol) whenever my attention is needed and he happened to be the first to break the news about the clicking of my admission.

Beloved, patronize the QUIET CONCEPTS and attest to this testimony of mine. Take an advantage of the QUIET, for other rickety concepts not to take an advantage of you. Thanks!

Mojeed Ajibola Adeyinka
Regular Customer of Quiet!

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