– Meaning of a Teacher i.eWho is a Teacher?

– Meaning of a school.

– Role of Teacher in the development of a school

– Meaning of Teaching.

– Lesson Note format and explanation


Before discussing on whose Teacher is, we will talk about the profession of a teacher which is known as ‘Teaching’.

Teaching is a profession that welcomes people from all works of life. Teaching is as old as earth itself.

Before the advent of Europeans, the traditional people engaged their children in teaching like farming, fishing, cooking etc.

Teaching refers to any planned interpersonal relation between two parties i.e teacher and learner, with a deliberate intention of one of the parties (teacher) aimed at influencing the other party (learner)to change his behavior.

Teaching involves the teacher, the learner and the subject matter.

Modern societies have created the school as a special institution for bringing up the child. Hence, it became necessary for the teacher to be receiving constant training and practice of education, methods of teaching and so on.

Who is a Teacher?

Anybody that teach or whose occupation is to teach is known as a teacher. People learn one or two knowledge and those that guide in the acquisition of that knowledge or skills is called teacher.

In a formal setting, a teacher must have received formal education before teaching the pupils.

A Teacher is someone whose profession is to teach, instruct and help another person to learn in a four wall classroom (Peter 1990). Teachers are nation builders.  The build and fashion peoples life to different profession.

Therefore, a good Teacher is someone who has a good understanding of what his pupils need to learn and also their capabilities for learning.


For a school to reach a developmental stage, the following people need to work hand in hand. They are:

The Management which includes the Proprietor or Proprietress and the HeadTeacher

The Teacher with the school records

The parents and their compliance and conviction.

The pupils with their readiness to learn

In this chain of developmental process, teacher plays a vital role to the progress of the school.

The Management, the Proprietor or the Proprietress can not do all teaching work, that is why they employ the service of teaching personnel.

The parents have limitation to which they can impart knowledge to their children, so, they take them to advanced formal setting to acquire more skills, experience and knowledge.

From the above points, we could see vividly that the teacher play a crucial role to the development of the school.


The following are some of the roles expected from the Teacher to the progress of the school;


Teachers deal with young ones who are prone to making mistakes repeatedly, and we should be ready to meet an angry professional and artisan parents with patience and understanding.

Parent’s Substitute

This is one of the most important professional roles that an intending teacher has to display. As a teacher, one must see himself as a parent of the pupil and must understand his or her pupils need. We should show love to the pupilsandw we should manifest anger when it is appropriate.

Organiser of Curriculum

Curriculum is the total experience to be offered to learners with the support of the school. The input of Teacher into the school curriculum design is vey important and the implementation rest mostly on teacher’s shoulder.

Initiation of the learning process

The teaching and learning process hangs on teachers shoulder. Teacher initiates the process, so he prepares the topic to be taught and organizes for the teaching and learning session.

Scholar and Research Specialist

To get abreast of the latest findings in teaching profession, teacher refreshes his or her brain and be more enlightened through workshop, research, seminar and in-service training.

Mediator of Culture

As a teacher, he transmits societal cultural values to the young ones. The child tries to imitate him for the teacher serves as a role model.

Teacher and School Records

School Records are major weapon for teacher to achieve his or her aims and objectives which can also bring progress to the school.

The school record is like a cutlass that a farmer needs on the farm, a teacher without proper and important record is a failed teacher.

School record is a documentation of vital documents and events that happen in the School premises. School record is very vital to the survival of the school system.

At this point, we will mention some of the school records that concern teacher most. They are:

  • Lesson Plan
  • Scheme of work and Diary
  • Class Attendance Register
  • Staff Time Biik
  • Curriculum Modules
  • Time Table e.t.c.

Records that are normally kept in the school system are those one kept by Head Teacher and I is important for the class teacher to be conversant with all these records because the school head may delegate any responsible teacher to take charge of one record or the other. Also, it is in the interest of the teacher to know about all these records and how they are kept so that if you remain long enough in the profession and there is vacancy for him or her to become a school head and he or she will not find anything difficult in keeping them himself since there is no institution where people are specially trained on how to be heads of schools. People learn it on the job and that is the reason why evry teacher opportunity that comes his way to have an insight about the establishment.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan or Lesson Note is a teaching guide that a teacher prepares what he intends to teach his learners in a particular subject and topic.

It enables teacher to teach effectively for a purposeful result.

It assists teachers to be adequately prepared fro whatever he or she wants to teach the learner at a particular period of time without deviating too much.

It helps to determine teaching methodology and appropriate instructional materials.

Daily or weekly lesson plan is determined by the school authority, but the main important thing is that the teacher should prepare Lesson Plan before going to the class.

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