What is your 2021 Goal(s)?

What is your 2021 Goal(s)?

Many people are living this life like a ghost. They have no focus, no dream and no challenges to crossover. It is saddening that they often have influence on those who have goals but not well designed goals.

Despite the fact that COVID 19 pandemic affected more than half of 2020, there are still many people who make a meaningful impact in their life sojourn by adding more certificates to their educational needs.

I was discussing with a lecturer who has his second Master this 2020. I asked him how he did it. The man told me that in December 2019, he has determined to go for another Master. When COVID-19 ravaged Nigeria, the dream started shaking. But instead of bringing up excuses, he decided to sell his only car and make sure he achieved the dream. This is a type of man that has a practical goal to achieve.

As 2020 is moving to an end, what goals do you wish to set for 2021? The goals may be in three folds; short term goals, intermediate goals and long term goals.

Short term goals are goals to achieve within a year. They are goals to be achieved in the year 2021.

Intermediate goals are goals to be achieved within five years. What are the things you want to achieve between 2021 and 2025?

Long term goals are goals to be achieved more than five years.

If these goals are well spelt, then, you will always be ahead your mates. Say what you want to be in 2030 now and start working towards it.


Raheem Hameed is a seasoned discourse analyst, a strategic communication expert and also an expert in Guidance and Counselling

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