You need a decision making partner

You need a decision making partner

Decision making is not as easy as many people think of it. Though, there are people who make decisions haphazardly without weighing positive and negative consequences. However, making a decision may still be easy but having a determined mind in achieving the decision is often difficult.

Many people do dream big, they do decide to achieve something great in life, they do mention their wish to achieve ‘wow ideas’ but the reality is that the zeal of engaging in the journey of success is often difficult. As a result, they do terminate the sojourn when big challenges come their ways.

Some adults have decided to re-enrol in school after dropping out for years. Some might have purchased the institution’s form but fail to submit it. Some might have even submitted but fail to pay the tuition fee while some might have paid the fee but quit attending classes. When they are all asked for the reason, they will tender excuses which may look genuine.

Ten years ago, I came across two elderly persons differently. Both of them decided to rewrite their General Certificate Examination (GCE) so that they can further their education. After we had counselling class, they both purchased the form but only one eventually wrote the examination. I took my time to ask the other person why he didn’t write the examination, his excuse was “I feel ashamed to be writing examination with my kid’s mates”. All efforts to convince him then proved abortive. The person that wrote the examination then is now a degree holder while the one who failed to write it then remains the same till date.

Assuming that both of them teamed up and moved together like decision making partners, the other person might have also written the examination, both might have sought admission together and may be graduated together. Both of them might have even purchased Masters form together.

For most people to become successful in this life, they need a decision making partner. This will aid them in achieving what seems to be difficult to achieve easily. However, choosing a decision making partner is like choosing a wife, if care is not taking, the wrong choice may ruin your journey to success.

Raheem Hameed


Raheem Hameed is a seasoned discourse analyst, a strategic communication expert and also an expert in Guidance and Counselling

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