Basic steps towards attaining your set goals

Basic steps towards attaining your set goals

Setting goals is like having dreams. It is easy to dream that you become the President of America but working towards attaining it may be onerous in real life.

Many people have tried to achieve greater goals in life but failed either by losing hope or threading in the wrong direction. On this, I present basic steps that will make you succeed in achieving your set goals:

  1. Classify your goals appropriately: Don’t be hasty in achieving your dreams. Don’t place long term goals to the position of short term goals. As a student, your immediate goal is how to excel in your academic career, don’t let how to buy the latest model car be your immediate goal.
  2. Design an achievable means: Any goal that has a practical means of achievement will be attained. The means may make your intention of achieving the goals slowly, but you will definitely attain it.
  3. Strategise your means: A strategic means is a political means of achievement. If you strategies your means, you will find the journey of attainment enjoyable and feel less pain. Your focus will be higher and your hope will be stronger.
  4. Reality check: Keep evaluating your strategical means practically. It will be insane if you are deceiving yourself.
  5. Avoid unexpected roadblocks: The main factors that make man fails from attaining his intended goals are unexpected roadblocks. These are also known as distractions. Discipline your mind to vie away with them.


Raheem Hameed



Raheem Hameed is a seasoned discourse analyst, a strategic communication expert and also an expert in Guidance and Counselling

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