The Essence of an Accountability Partner

The Essence of an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone with whom you establish an ongoing, reciprocal relationship. Each of the partnership commits to coach the other towards achieving their goals and to be held accountable for their progress towards their own. This relationship helps each partner to stick to their commitments.

Despite the fact that accountability partnership is a more informal arrangement, commitment is still the critical factor that makes it works. The basic of accountability partnership is that it is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where you have someone to share your goals with and to report back to on your progress. The essence of an accountability partner is that it gives you the sense of fulfilling promise(s) on your achievement.

The essence of accountability partner (podcast)

Qualities to scout for in an accountability partner

–  An encourager: He should be someone who will encourage you to stay on the track of your goals. He should be someone who will convince you with sweet words and not someone who will condemn you to a grave

– An elite: Try to choose someone who knows at least the basic importance of your goals. He will be able to carry you along when you are facing the technical know-how challenges during the process of achieving your goals. He will be able to offer a practical approach method in tackling the challenges that can piss you off from attaining your goals.

However, it is not essential that you work with someone you have the same goals. In fact, you may come from different background. All you need from him is his technical approach in attaining your goals.

– Genuine concern: He should be someone who has a genuine concern on your goals. Avoid someone who only wishes to track your journey in order to mock you.

-Someone you also need to help: It is called an accountability partner because both of you are accountable for each other. The rule of reciprocity must be available between you; you help me-I help you.


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