Nobody is interested in your story

We all have different stories to tell. Anytime you take a step on the path of success, you have created an avenue of telling a story. Your years in schools are full of stories, but the only story that appeals to people’s mind is your success story.

To be successful in life is not a story of sleeping under a duvet during harmattan. It is always like crawling on a bridge of Hell. Ask those who have bagged their educational degrees, they will tell you what they faced before paying their school fees, how they burnt candle in the night, how they felt sick and taken to the institution clinic, the tension they faced when intending to check result and the disgrace they witnessed in lecture rooms. All these stories will only make sense when they actually have the certificate they yearned for.

In recent time, many students wish to be telling stories of obstacles that debar them from achieving their goals. No one has interest in that story. You can make the story interesting when you strive to break the hurdles and meet your target.

In a nutshell, always bear in mind that the only story that makes total sense is the one that has success at the end even if it is a tragic success .

Raheem Hameed

What is your 2021 Goal?

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